beta v2 info

first of all thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in the beta so far, you have given us so much useful feedback – loads of which we have managed to incorporate into beta v2 with a couple of big changes mentioned here – and this will not be the end, we look forward to and welcome all the new feedback that I am sure we will receive. Thank you.

we have developed an optional companion tool for the on device enabling it to directly connect to the Internet thus enabling a much requested feature: cloud backup. this now means that your device can be synchronised with your account providing an easy method of backing up and restoring device accounts and data – all authenticated and encrypted.

we have learnt so much through our beta scheme that we have even re-designed a few core implementation fundamentals – ultimately meaning that now registering a new device has three options:

  • on-core ca – register your device with your account and manage the devices’ certificate online/offline through us.
  • private ca – keep your device completely private and manage the complete certificate chain yourself through the device – beta v1 style.
  • lets encrypt ca – connect your device with lets encrypt and manage the devices’ certificate online/offline through lets encrypt.

*offline refers to using the online manual features to download the renewed certificates and transferring them to the device manually – keeping the device disconnected from the Internet.

*online refers to using the on-connector software to allow the device to directly connect to and interact with the Internet – massively reducing the manual steps.

more documentation will be available soon as we launch our on wiki soon…

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