beta v2 live

the beta v2 is on!

before you register for the beta – a few things to note:

  • for free access we can only support 2 out of the 3 credentials on our unique system.
  • for full access there will be £128 one-off charge – this covers the cost of your on device.
  • we are in beta – some things probably won’t be quite there yet or even exist at all!
  • we are in beta – you can  help us shape the future of safe and secure Internet access!

interested?  request access now…

…. tell us if you want free or full access and we will send you an account creation link

anyone already part of the beta will need to upgrade (to maintain support) and should have been notified of this by now – if you are on the beta and have not received an email with upgrade instructions please contact us as soon as possible.

beta v1 support will end 31st May 2018.

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