10th November 2015

our story

decade gone by

back in 2006 we started ganjle.com – where we provide ‘private on-line services’ for free.

we kept on adding and adding to ganjle.com – every service we offered was made to ensure no personal information would ever be collected let alone stored or shared.

we even edited source code of open projects and produced safe and private versions – then shared our alterations.

within just 3 years we provided 18+ safe and private services spread across ganjle.com and eventually qx.cx.

it was during this early time that our initial concept of an authenticated Internet was developed – over the next several years (in our spare time) we worked on how…

devil in the detail

we love the Internet, we use it everyday – but it has become a mess.

trying to be safe and private in the Internet is ridiculously difficult – as gx.qx.cx will happily show.

web, like email and many others, is an application of the Internet and utilises the Internet Protocol (IP) which by design has no explicit security built-in.

the intention being that we add security when we need to.  however, all we need to provide is a username and password – anyone with those credentials is assumed to be the owner – you!

computers authenticate computers – we are never authenticated as the actual people we are…

switch on

on.qx.cx is developing a personal authentication system to allow you to safely and securely be authenticated on the Internet and become in control of your own privacy and security.