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your safe and secure portal to the world
Go to secure from the ground up

secure from the ground up

designed with security at the forefront – not something added as an after thought but the reason we are here

Go to your privacy at heart

your privacy at heart

you own your data – it is encrypted with your personal credentials and inaccessible from anyone else – even us

Go to portal to a safe world

portal to a safe world

you and everyone else is ‘vetted’ and has an account in very good standing otherwise you are not allowed on

we are developing a personal authentication system to allow you to safely and securely be authenticated on the Internet.

become in control of your own privacy and security when you...


everything you need from secure access

ever wanted a single easy safe method of accessing the Internet?
ever imagined a network where we can be safe and private but still share information? is the portal that allows you to be authenticated on the Internet.
only you can access your data through our unique 3 credential system.
this concept is still in beta but we are making progress all the time...
feel free to help out by spreading the word - switch on.
you can also read our storyand detail for more info.

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